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Tetsujin 28 gou, Gigantor, has been accomplished in Kobe and is the next robot hero after the Odaiba Gundam.

Kobe "Tetsujin 28 go"

Tetsujin 28 gou is originally a comic by YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru, a famous comic artist in Japan. It started in 1956 and was serialized for over a decade. Tetsujin 28 gou is also known as “Gigantor”.
It is still so popular that it was made into a movie and a game recently.

Kobe city is YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru’s hometown. The Tetsujin 28 gou mock-up was established in Wakamatsu Park to honor the great comic artist.

Kobe "Tetsujin 28 go"

It is 18m, the same size as the Odaiba Gundum and it was finished on 7th October 2009. Many people have been to see the big robot.

The area around Tetsujin 28 gou is still being paved, so Tetsujin 28 gou is fenced off at the moment.

Kobe "Tetsujin 28 go"

This Tetsujin 28 gou is made by NPO “KOBE TETSUJIN PROJECT”. The NPO also runs the “Sangokushi-matsuri” event.
“Sangokushi” is another comic of YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru, based on a Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. It is very popular in Japan too.


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The Tetujin 28 gou vending machine

Tetsujin 28 gou vending machine in the Sangokushi gallery @ Kobe, Nagata shop mall.