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Do Japanese really eat whales? The true eating habits of the Japanese.

Japan doesn’t stop catching whales despite the criticism from anti-whaling nations and groups. Why aren’t Japanese people satisfied with other meat such as beef or pork? Are the Japanese really savage and eat many poor whales?

Actually, the Japanese don’t eat meat so much. Most of them eat half a pound of meat as a maximum in a day. And then, they eat whale even less.

Most Japanese people eat whale less than once a year. Whale meat has a very characteristic flavor, it’s absolutely different from beef. Whale meat is regarded as a delicacy and as nibbles. There is no black market of whales like some people say. Many Japanese consider it a ridiculous rumor, because they prefer not to pay a lot of money to eat whale.

However, the Japanese think that whale-catching is an important tradition. Catching whales in Japan has about 800 years of history, and there are many shrines in Japan which worship whales.
Some aquariums in Japan rear some small whales which are popular for Japanese visitors. Whales have been familiar in various ways for long time.
whale sashimi

Whale sashimi

You can eat whale in few specialized restaurants or in Japanese-style pubs. There are many Japanese who have never eaten whale. Are you interested in such restaurants?

  • lowell

    apparently there’s a lot of by products coming from whales they use in Japan

  • Lisa Pinehill

    Thanks for the comment. –Yes, the Japanese use up a whale body. Though such products by whales become rare in recent years.
    I rarely see such products in Japan.

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  • Alexis

    That was interesting-not!!

  • Name

    Eating an endangered species that the rest of the world protects is oh so cool!