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Turn your pirated manga files into legit manga.: J-comi “Project purification illegal manga

Pirate and Piracy.   Not like the ones I normal see

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Do you have any pirated manga? The manga is your favorite manga?
You must feel guilty for it, don’t you?
J-comi announced a project for you. They clean up your pirated manga and you.

J-comi is a website which provide many out-of-print manga for free. Those manga contain some ads, J-comi deal out the ad revenue to each original manga author. The ad revenue has increased at a good rate but J-comi gains no fee.
A famous manga artist AKAMATSU Ken(Author of “Love hina” and “Negima!”) established J-comi. “Such business can not earn the trust of manga artists unless a manga artist starts it.” he says.

“Project purification illegal manga” started from Apr.11.2011 with the formal release of J-comi.
If you have some pirated manga files, you should send them to J-comi. J-comi will provide the manga with ads online after getting the OK from the original author. Your pirated manga will turn into legit manga.

J-comi reader "Arnoul"

You can read all manga on J-comi with a special online manga reader “Arnoul”. It is a multilingual application, you can read or input the scripts in some languages. Also Arnoul can full-text search, bookmark, and post on Twitter. You can enjoy manga on smartphones, too.

J-come plans to provide their manga in redistributable PDF. AKAMATSU Ken said “Many Japnese anime are based on manga, they are interesting once you try them.
There some many great out-of-print manga. We will provide such precious out-of-print manga all over the world for free. Keep up your support!”

My recommended manga on J-comi is “Pureiya ha nemurenai (Players can not sleep: The man lost in the network labyrinth)” and “Kotsu-jiko kanteinin TAMAKI Rin-ichiro (Traffic accident appraiser TAMAKI Rin-ichiro)“.
J-comi are recruiting translation volunteers. If you love manga and are good at Japanese, or already have worked on scanlation, you should try it. Your work will cheer up manga artists!