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Do you want to surrounded by many pretty sweets everyday?: Sweets deco.

Sweets memo stand by Dolce deco

Cakes, macaroons, cookies, and chocolate…..Do you like sweets? Maybe many people will answer “yes”. So, do you want to be surrounded by such pretty sweets everyday? If your answer was “yes” again, you should pay attention this time much more than before!

mobile phone by dolce deco

Today, we’ll introduce you to “Sweets Deco.” This means “people decorate many things with pretty sweets.” Of course we don’t decorate with real sweets but the parts are made by resined clay and they look like real ones! The glue is silicone and this serves as whipped cream. Decoration artists make full use of those sweets parts, silicone whipped cream, and colored sauce to make wonderful sweets goods! They give many women a lot of dreams. Have you ever dreamed of living in the house made of sweets in “Hansel and Gretal” ? Although you can’t live in that house, you can spend happy days surrounded by many pretty sweets.

Sweets memo stand by Dolce deco

“Dolce Deco” is the website managed by Yukari Kumagai who is a sweets deco artist. They make and sell “sweets decoden”(=decorated cell phones), sweets straps, sweets keyrings, DSi/DS Lite covers, iPod covers, accessories cases, compact ashtrays, mirrors, necklaces, bracelets and so on. All of them are handmade. Her works are picked by many media and she appears in lots of Japanese TV shows and magazines too.
Decoden kits and some sweets parts are also sold at this website so you can make sweets deco goods by yourself!

Sweets hand mirror by Dolce deco

Yukari Kumagai

2005 When she lived in the U.S., she showed her sweets decorated works on her blog.
Models, actresses, and talent put on her macaroon straps and accessories as their favorite ones
2006 Dolce Deco set up as a web shop.

Sweets decoden were shown on Fuji TV “Appare Sanma Shinkyoujyu.” It was the first time they were introduced in Japan.
Brand collaborated bags were showed in “Shibuya Tokyo Girls Collection”.
Appeared in “Himesama no corner” of TBS “Ousama no branch”.
Appeared on NHK “Tokyo Kawaii TV”.

BRUTUS, Scawaii, Jelly, Decostyle and so on, American advertising agency Japanese culture of “Wise + Kenedy”

Opening of a sweets deco class in Ikebukuro Community College, school tour ship of Inc.
Lisow Education, LAFORE Harajuku Sendai, workshop in PARCO Niigara, Dolce Deco Nakameguro private school. Appeared as a lecture in a hobby show superintended Japan Hobby Society.

*plan and production
2009 Aug. Appeared in event plan of Inc.Johnson.
Sep. Appeared in event plan of scotch 3M.

2009 Dec. Disney Sweets Deco Book went on sale written by Yukari Kumatani and Miwa Tani.

URL: Dolce deco

(Written by Humi)

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