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The exalted sake born by the strong obsessiveness : Kobayashi shuzo sake brewery “Ho-oh Biden” series

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The sake “Ho-oh Biden” has a rich and impressive flavor. Though the flavor of the sake isn’t loud, it stands out from other sake. Rather, it’s flavor is exalted and elegant. It is a little similar to some vintage wines.

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KOBAYASHI Masaki, who is the manager of Kobayashi shuzo sake brewery, has been pursuing his ideal sake. The sake has a rich first flavor and a clean finish, the perfect balance of aroma and taste.
Actually, despite its impressive flavor and body, his sake leaves no trace of it. The amazingly delicious flavor shows its charm from the sake beginners to mavens.
Because of its characteristic fine flavor, Ho-oh Biden has been attracting many sake fans in Japan in recent years.

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Kobayashi shuzo brews only ginjo or daiginjo sake. His strong obsessiveness and effort provides high class sake. To concentrate on brewing sake, they don’t retail or accept visitors.
They use over 10 kinds of sake rice as ingredients and they are all newly harvested rice. They have 4 culture rooms –ordinary sake breweries have only one– to get the best Koji. It also includes many more cares in the way of making sake. “I am a sake geek.” said Kobayashi about himself.

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The best temperature to drink this sake is “When the moisture beads have disappeared.” Kobayashi said. “Not too chilled, enjoy the alteration of the sake taste from moment to moment.” He has brewed his sake to enjoy at a slow pace, so you can drink the delicious sake during dinner at room temperature.

Junmai Ginjo Tobin-dori Sake "Ho-oh Biden Kanbashi" Junmai Ginjo shizuku sake "Ho-oh Biden Kissui" Ho-oh Biden Junmai Dai Ginjo sake

Kobayashi wants to try more kinds of drinks, such as Shochu or fruit sake liquor. Kobayashi shuzo is no doubt the most noteworthy sake brewery from here on.

Kobayashi shuzo has no official website. Please contact me if you have any question about them.