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The lucent milk carton lights your night / ART WORK STUDIO “Ceramic lamps”

ART WORK STUDIO "Ceramic milk carton"
The milk carton is a ceramic lamp. The comfortable light is suitable for a bedroom or a living room.

ART WORK STUDIO "Ceramic milk carton"
A block type and horse head type are also available. The unique design will give your room some snap.
ART WORK STUDIO "Ceramic horse head"


AW-0355 Ceramic milk carton:
Price: 5,000 JPY
Size: W85mm × H280mm × D85mm (Cord 1,900mm)

AW-0354 Ceramic brick:
Price: 6,800 JPY
Size: W195mm × H230mm × D93mm (Cord 1,900mm)

AW-0352 Ceramic horse head:
Price: 5,800 JPY
Size: W247mm × H195mm × D105mm (Cord 1,900mm)