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The specialized cast iron frypan for omelette. :Iwachu “Omelettes”

Iwachu "Omellete"

How to cook a good omelette? If you worry about that, you should try the pan. The frypan has a very smooth and stylish design. It is specialized for making omelettes.

Iwachu "Omellete"

This frypan is made of Japanese cast iron called “Nambu Tekki”. Nambu Tekki has a black elegant iron texture and a high heat storage performance.
A Nambu Tekki pan is very heavy so you have to make an omellette with a scraper. The design of the frypan is suitable for making omelettes.

Iwachu "Omellete"

Of course, it is also good for other cooking. It is a little small so you can cook a portion of a dish easily. The cast iron handle releases heat efficiently.

Iwachu is an established Nambu Tekki manufacturer in Japan. The pans and pots produced by Iwachu are very popular among cooks in Japan. The frypan will improve your cooking skills.

Iwachu URL: (Japanese)
Omelettes 22: 365mm x 21.5mm x H80mm / 1.3kg / 5,000 JPY
Omelettes 24: 405mm x 245mm x H9mm / 1.6kg / 6,000 JPY
You can use it on an induction cooker.
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